Educational Opportunities with Kevin Spelman, PhD, MCPP

2019 Sept, weekend of 12-15, Restorative Medicine Herbal Certification Course, San Diego, CA

2019 May, weekend of May 31 - June 3, Cannabis Intensive & other lectures, Medicines from the Earth, Black Mountain, NC

2019 May 15-17, Cannabis Lectures, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Orlando, FL

2019 May 5, Medicinal Plants Benefits and Risks, Beijing China.

2019 Feb, weekend of 8-10, Clinical Perspectives on Hormones & Neurodegenerative Diseases, Toronto, ON

2019 Feb 5-7, Arcview Investors Forum, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Jan 9, Grand Rounds Physiatry Team, Providence Medical Group, Medford, OR

2018 Nov, weekend of 16-18, Ojai Resilience Conference, Ojai, CA

2018 Oct 21-24, CannMed--preconference intensive--Botanical Therapeutics CME Course,  UCLA, CA

2018 Sept, weekend of 15-16, Medical Plants Conference, Montpelier, VT

2018 Sept 11-15, RISE Nature's Sunshine National Convention, Indianapolis, IN

2018 May, weekend of 19-20, Traditional Roots Conference, NUNM, Portland, OR

2018 March, podcast w Dr. Jaime Corroon, Terpenes -->

2017 October, weekend of 6-8, Restorative Medicine Conference, Tucson, AZ

2017 September, 14-16, Medical Cannabis Educational Symposium, Baltimore, MD

2017 August, weekend of 25-27, Northwest Herb Symposium, Whidbey Island, WA

2017 July, weekend of 29-30, Medical Cannabis Conference, Portland, OR

2017 May, weekend of 9-11, International Herb Symposium, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

2017 May 31-6/2, Medical Cannabis Educational Symposium, Columbus, OH

2017 May 20, Medical Hypothyroidism & Thyroid Autoimmune Disease, Miami, FL

2017 April 17, Utah Medical Cannabis Research Congress, Salt Lake City, UT

2017 April, weekend of 29-30, Medical Cannabis Conference, Arcata, CA

2017 January, weekend of 14-15, Restorative Medicine Conference, NCNM, Portland, OR

2016 October 22, Living Healthy, Keynote Speaker, Guadalajara, Mexico

2016 October 16, Insights to Health, Keynote Speaker, Paris, France

2016 August 24-29, International Convention, Salt Lake City, UT

2016 July, weekend of 9-10, Conference at the Farm, Summertown,Tennessee

2016 May, weekend of 5/20-21, Traditional Roots Conference, NCNM, Portland

2016 April 27-29, Asia Pacific Conference, Singapore

2016 April, weekend of 23-24, Medical Cannabis Conference, Arcata, CA

2016 April, weekend of 8-9, Cannabis Conference, Keynote Speaker, Nova Southeastern University, FL

2016 January, weekend of 30-31, Ayurveda Intensive, Sivananda, Bahamas

2016 January, weekend of 9-10, Intensive in Herbal Medicine, Arcata, CA

2015 December, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, 23rd Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine, Seminar in Botanical Medicine, Metabolic Disorders with Dr. Jillian Stansbury

2015 November, Maryland University of Integrative Health, Intensive in Herbal Medicine

2015 October, weekend of 16-18 ,American Herbalists Guild Conference

2015 October, 1-4, American Association of Restorative Medicine Conference

2015 September, 17-19, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Seminar Series in Botanical Medicine, Women's Health with Dr. Mary Bove

2015 August, weekend of 28-9, NorthWest Herb Symposium

2015 August, 16-22, National College of Natural Medicine Field Intensive

2015 August, weekend of 14-15, Botanical Medicines in Pediatrics (w Mary Bove), Las Vegas, NV

2015 July, weekend of 11-12, Medical Marijuana: What Practitioners Need to Know, Portland, OR

2015 June, 22-26, International Congress of the Nation Center for Scientific ResearchHavana, Cuba

2015 May, weekend of 29-30, Medicines of the Earth, Brevard, North Carolina

2015 April, weekend of 25-26 Medical Cannabis Conference, Arcata, CA

2015 April, weekend of 10-11, National Ayurvedic Medical Association Conference


Clinical Mentoring For CAM/Integrative Medicine Health Professionals

This web-based program is designed for the clinician struggling to get their practice off the ground and establish their knowledge base.

As a clinician of over 20 years experience, I can help you sidestep the common mistakes made in a new clinical practice and prepare you for a more successful clinical practice.

Twice monthly sessions in clinical issues starting in spring of 2015 (date to be announced) for those that want to significantly expand their knowledge and clinical prowess.

The program is designed in an easy distance learning forum where everyone can listen and/or participate depending on your preference. You’ll make colleagues and allies, and find support to grow in the field.

Highlights of program:

  • Class content is based on your needs

  • Case studies and real world issues discussed in sessions

  • Sessions meet twice a month for 6 months

  • Take away handouts for the clinic

  • Participate by phone, webcast or Skype

For whom is this program designed?   

This program is primarily designed for clinicians using botanicals and nutrition as a modality in their clinical work; MD's, ND’s, DO’s, herbalists, LAC’s/DOM’s, nutritionists and other CAM/integrative medicine professionals.


  • Two monthly sessions 90 minutes each.

  • Content based on your needs and issues.

  • Copies of any forms or documents that may be used(with copyright laws in mind).

  • Stay tuned for further information

For more information

Add your name below on the email list and I will let you know further details shortly.


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