Consulting Services

After many years of laboratory & clinical research (NIH, UNC, U Paris, MUIH, UNM),  a couple of posts as a high level executive for international companies with products in multiple countries,  and extensive experience as a consultant advising Pharma, Natural Products companies, the White House (WHCCAM), as well as the Department of Defense, I can address many of the challenging issues of the natural products industry. HERB Med has served the natural products industry in various capacities since 1989. All of our staff have attained at least a masters level of education. Consulting services currently offered include:

  • clinical trial set up and management
  • laboratory set-up
  • quality control issues
  • adverse events reporting
  • product formulation
  • product development
  • FDA notification letters
  • substantiation files
  • technical writing/literature reviews
  • manuscript corrections for ESL authors
  • research models (clinical and in vitro) to demonstrate efficacy of products
  • curriculum development in CAM programs
  • lecturing/teaching
  • clinical phytotherapy

Other expertise includes:

  • Cannabis regulation, lab set-up and product development
  • cannabinoid formulations
  • cannabinoid sciences
  • immunological effects of medicinal plants; cytokines, adhesion molecules, nitric oxide and nuclear orphan receptors.
  • efficacious and affordable remedies in the treatment of malaria.
  • pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic considerations of complex chemical mixtures (medicinal plant extracts).
  • adaptogens on stress parameters


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